Note to Researchers

As a research and study center, The Willem de Kooning Foundation aims to preserve and make available its collections of artworks, archives, library and research findings for scholarly and curatorial endeavors.

The Foundation’s research and study center is open by invitation and appointment only to those conducting specialized studies of Willem de Kooning’s work or related subjects.  It is not open to the general public or to walk-in visitors.  This website includes resources to assist with most general studies of de Kooning’s work.  Requests for appointments or specific research questions may be sent to  Please include a thorough description of your project so that we may assess whether or how we may best assist you.  Requests must include your name, full contact information and relevant work or school affiliation.  We reserve the right not to respond should this information be omitted. 

Please note that the Archives & Manuscript Collection is closed for processing purposes until further notice.



The Art Collection includes works by de Kooning in all media.  In addition to stewarding the works through study and conservation, the Foundation lends its artworks to qualified institutions for projects which further the Foundation’s mission.  Please visit our Programs page for more information.

The Archives & Manuscript Collection contains materials created and/or acquired by de Kooning, his family, friends, representatives and studio assistants, along with materials gathered by Foundation staff.  Materials include correspondence, studio records, photographs, and gallery and exhibition records.  The Archives & Manuscript Collection is closed for processing purposes until further notice.

The Library holds an extensive collection of monographs, exhibition catalogues and other publications, including auction catalogues, periodicals, press clippings and audio/visual materials related to de Kooning.  The Library contains items collected by Foundation staff, in addition to items from de Kooning’s personal library.

The Research Findings: For 25 years, Foundation staff (some of whom have been researching de Kooning since the inception of the artist’s conservatorship in 1989) have conducted internal investigations aimed at understanding de Kooning’s art and practices. Our Research Findings have been used to assist writers and curators with ambitious projects of all magnitudes, including The Museum of Modern Art’s 2011 retrospective and Judith Zilczer’s 2014 monograph published by Phaidon Press.